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Your Sewing RoomThe space we create for our craft is at least as important as the space we use for cooking. And, much like the Kitchen, the Sewing Room has a fundamental traffic pattern. In the kitchen, this pattern forms a triangle with points at the sink, stove, and fridge. The traffic pattern triangle in the sewing room connects the sewing machine, the ironing station, and the cutting area. The sewing room equivalent of the kitchen pantry is the fabric and supply storage shelving or cabinet.

Along with the traffic pattern fundamentals, lighting and wall color are critical. A sewing room needs at least twice the amount of light required for a  comfortable reading area. Matte or eggshell finishes are recommended for the walls. Dark colors can absorb light, and glossy finishes can cast a glare. So your fabrics and their colors can take center stage, soft and light colors are typically suggested for the sewing room. However, this is your nest for your passion! Freddy Moran, author of Collaborative Quilting, claims

Red is a neutral!

Planning your sewing room or area is fun, but can be a bit intimidating. We have three Certified Sewing Room Planners on staff, and can help you make the most beautiful and efficient use of the room where you quilt, sew, and create!

Contact us by email or at (562) 498-6684, to schedule an appointment and we’ll come out to your home and help dig you out of your stash of fabric, then evaluate the situation. We’ll figure out a way for you to clean your room, organize your supplies and sewing tools, then help you select the right kind of furniture that makes your sewing area work specifically for you.

We’ll shoot before and after photos of your room, give you a good, better, best scenario to make the room work with your sewing equipment, then help you select the best cabinets at the best price. We’ll bring out a free planning kit, measure for the right ratio of traffic pattern, and make you an offer.

Once you’ve decided the best path to take, we’ll follow up with the grunt work, removing old furniture and bringing in the new. We’ll lay out the new room and install your machines. Voila! A new sewing room just for you!