What makes Modern?

New quilt designs that are fresh, COLORFUL and boldly graphic have been showing up at quilt shows and they are calling themselves Modern. It started with an online community of social media savvy quilters. They formed an online bee and were having so much fun with their quilt-a-longs they decided to meet in person. Thus, in 2009 the LA Modern Quilt Guild was born. It has grown rapidly and has now become an international movement. Modern Quilt Guilds have been springing up all over the world and are connected with each other through the new mother guild: The Modern Quilt Guild.

It's A Plus Quilt

So what makes a quilt Modern? According to the founders, minimalism is part of the modern aesthetic. Bold graphics, high contrast & improvisational piecing are also characteristic. The use of negative space as a design element is another.

What kinds of fabrics are considered Modern? Solid, saturated colors are used alone or combined with the new modern prints. New designers are turning their fine art into fabric collections. They are designing quilts to feature their art. These new fabrics are fun, sophisticated, and full of quirky personality. The Modern ethos can found in many textile creations such as wall hangings, table runners, and cushions.

Cushy Tushy Modern Cushion class

And finally… Modern is now residing at SewVac Ltd. This year SewVac Ltd. is offering a Modern Meet-Up Club and a series of classes. It’s new, it’s bold and we are joining the movement!

Rush Hour