Vacuum FAQ

Why don’t you carry Hoover, Oreck, Dirt Devil, and Kenmore?

Our goal is to provide our customer with the best quality floor care products on the market, for the price range requested. Over thirty years in the industry gives us the experience to bring you the best products.

Well, what IS the best vacuum?

The best vacuum is the one that meets your individual requirements. What is good for you may not be good for your neighbor. Their needs are possibly different than your own. Different floor coverings, a design specifically suited for your particular needs, better filtration; all are important in determining what vacuum will work best. We can help you with that.

Does anybody really make a good vacuum anymore? It seems like I throw one away every year!

There are still good vacuums; better vacuums today, in fact, than there have ever been. We’ve got them.

How do I really know what to buy for me?

By allowing us to sit down and talk about what needs you have, find out what kind of floor coverings you’ve got, address any special needs you or your family have, and giving you a chance to try out the product for yourself.

Where will I get bags, filters, or belts for this vacuum?

From us! We carry all the parts for the products we sell. We will, in most cases, even give you a choice on quantities and prices for things like bags, belts, and filters. And we’ve got these essential products all the time.

What if I buy a vacuum from you and I find I don’t like it?

Then either call us at (562) 498-6684 for free consultation (we will come out to the house), or bring it back. Our goal is to give you the vacuum that works for YOU, and a vacuum that you will like to use.

How are your prices? I’m looking for the best DEAL.

The best deal is what will provide you with the best cleaning action, the easiest possible way, and with very little or no problems. We provide solid backup service and support, and we want a long-term relationship with you, our customer. We have a lot of customers who have had our products for over thirty years.