Those Fancy Stitches

Your machine probably has many decorative stitches, and new machine owners often like to sew out a sampler with a row of each fancy stitch to use as a reference.

Well, that was a lot of fun!
But, now what?

Fancy Stitches

Liz Johnson, over at Sew 4 Home, has a nifty project that shows us what! Her project utilizes those beautiful stitches to embellish the top of piped pillows. She even provides helpful templates to help achieve perfect stitch placement.

Hop on over there to get full instructions and more ideas.

Janome also offers a clever tool to help you use those beautiful stitches. Called the Ribbon Sewing Guide, it helps you create original ribbons by adding decorative stitching or lettering. The guide’s design ensures easy attachment and automatic entering, while the transparent stabilizer bar provides perfect control. Add originality to projects and make the most of your machine’s decorative stitches. You could even use your machine’s built-in fonts to make custom labels!

Ribbon Sewing Guide

This accessory comes with different attachment screws and rubber padding, so it fits a variety of Janome models (must have an attachment hole on or near the needle plate). Be sure to check the instructions on the back of the package to see which attachment screw and rubber pad will work with your machine. Or even better, just ask us for help.

Installing And Using The Ribbon Sewing Guide

  1. Place the rubber pad over the screw hole on your needle plate. Set the Ribbon Sewing Guide in place. Insert the screw through the hole and tighten.
  2. Loosen the two white screws to open the guide to the width of your ribbon – up to one inch.
  3. Slide back the Ribbon Holder and place your ribbon under the foot, then slide it back in place. Adjust the two guides so they’re just touching the sides of the ribbon and tighten the screws.
  4. Take a piece of stabilizer and slide it under the ribbon guide and the presser foot.
  5. Select any decorative stitch and start sewing.

Here’s a brief how-to video: