Copper or Cuprium? It’s all Elemental!

Susan Slesinger recently participated in the Elements Challenge at Fifteen Quilts, a group of like-minded textile artists from various places throughout the world, who have come together to participate in art quilt challenges. Susan chose the … [Read more...]

California Tidepool

Susan Slesinger, one of our most popular teachers, loves art quilting. She teaches the craft and enjoys actively exploring the field. One of her most recent pieces is titled California Tidepool. This is a 15” square quilt, created for a Nature … [Read more...]

Susan Slesinger

Susan Slesinger has been embroidering, sewing and knitting since she was about three. She is completing her City and Guilds level-3 Certificate in patchwork and quilting with Linda and Laura Kemshall of Design Matters. Her passions include art … [Read more...]