Cotton Club

Introducing SewVac Ltd. Cotton Club I’ve listened for years as customers explain why they don’t sew as much as they would like because all their fabric is in trash bags scattered around the house or garage. “If I could only get organized” is the cry … [Read more...]

Introducing the MC9900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

A machine we have long awaited is finally ready to ship to our store with some very exciting features! Janome has launched the MC9900, a mid-level embroidery machine that sews and embroiders with more speed, a higher stitch count, and with the new … [Read more...]

How do I buy a vacuum that I know will work for me?

You need to first ask this question from a little different perspective. You should ask How do I clean my floor coverings, my home, or my business in the most efficient and timely way possible? The answer to that question starts with knowing … [Read more...]

Ah, yes Grasshopper, then there was Dragonfly!

I am often asked by an incoming shopper of machines if I have a basic sewing machine; one that just sews? Now I mostly interpret that to mean that this customer is looking for a cheap machine but I shouldn’t always think that as so many of us just … [Read more...]

Bold and Beautiful = Fun and Fancy!

T'was the night before Bold and Beautiful and all the Berninas were ready! The next morning, Deb Casiamonte, our Bernina leader was ready, and we were off on one of the most fun sewing adventures we’ve had at SewVac Ltd. Two groups of 12 hard-core … [Read more...]