Sewing Machine FAQ

Why does SewVac Ltd. carry certain brands?

Our goal as a responsible dealer is to have, on hand, the very best sewing products on the market to meet your needs. If you are simply looking for a sewing machine to mend an occasional garment, we can provide it; some companies don’t make this kind of machine. If you want the most innovative machine on the market with full embroidery capabilities, or a machine with a built-in stitch processor, we have it; not all companies have this product. In short, rely on us as sewing experts to help guide you to the machine that meets your needs and your dreams in a sewing machine.

Who makes the best sewing machine?

SewVac carries top quality machines. Each brand and model has something special to offer.

Why should I have to spend more than two, three, four, or five hundred dollars for a sewing machine?

You don’t. But don’t short change yourself on getting a sewing machine, a tool that can handle the kind of projects you may want to make. It is difficult in today’s market to find a good, quality sewing machine that will handle all of life’s fabrics, such as denim at the heavy end and tricot at the light end of the scale for example, for a price much under $500. And that is just a basic machine! We need to realize that machines which maintained the tradition of lasting for many years like the ones owned by our mothers and grandmothers, were expensive in their day. In 1954 for example, a Singer model 1591 sewing machine in a basic cabinet, sold for $159. Consider that an automobile at that same time carried an average price tag of $950! In short, you really do get what you pay for. Don’t short-change yourself. Yes, you can buy a new machine for $150 to $300, but will it work for you? How can that same price for quality exist today when compared to what it cost 59 years ago? It can’t.

They just don’t make machines like they used too, do they?

Yes they do – we just need to show you which one it is!

Are you going to give me the best DEAL in town?

Consider all the factors. The best deal consists of the right sewing machine for your needs and a person who will always be available to answer your questions, help guide you through the process of becoming acquainted with the machine’s functions, and inspire you to get the most out of what you have purchased. A competitive price, follow-through support, and available training; yes, we do give you the best deal in town. Remember, even Consumer Reports tells you to “Buy dealer first, machine second.”