Serena Brooks

Serena BrooksContinually inspired by the energy of the 60’s and 70’s, Serena uses her own hand-dyed as well as commercial and recycled fabrics to “paint” her textile art compositions. She then utilizes thread to embellish her pieces in order to create added texture. Choosing to construct a piece either by fuse and collage, or by sewing together the pieces by machine, will depend on her intended effect. Someone who recently viewed a photograph of one of her pieces commented, “if this were a painting, it would be magnificent!” Yes, although her art does look very painterly, as she works on a piece, Serena asks herself, “Why is this a quilt?” – her intention is that every creation be beautiful BECAUSE it is made with fabric, with construction-stitching and top-stitching, resulting in a more beautiful creation than it would in any other medium.

Serena has exhibited her art internationally, and her piece, “Mid-Century Modern II”, inspired by the home that her father designed and built, won the 2014 “Best Improvisation” award at the American Quilter’s Society Modern Quilt Exhibition. She finds that the pieces that are inspired by an emotional connection are those that are the most successful.

Serena Brooks Textile Art