Reverse Pattern Foot with Clear Sole

The Bernina #34 presser foot is an all-purpose foot for straight stitching and decorative stitch patterns. It’s versatile and suitable for heavyweight fabrics like denim, wool and corduroy. It’s also ideal for various utility and decorative stitch patterns, ribbing and hems.

Example of stitches sew with foot #34

The indentations in front of and behind the needle opening facilitate forward- and reverse-fed stitch patterns, and the clear sole provides perfect view of the stitching area.

#34 Foot with Clear SoleThe reverse pattern foot #34 fits the Bernina machine models with a CB hook system and a maximum stitch width of 5.5mm.

On models with a rotary hook system and a maximum stitch width of 9mm presser foot #34C or #34D must be used. The #34D foot is used on machines with the Dual Feed function.

If you’re not sure which foot is right for you, let us know the model number of your Bernina and we’ll set you on the right track.

To help get you started Bernina created an e-book jammed with stitching tips, including using the #34 foot. You can download a free copy of Just SEW It! Stitch Manipulations here.