Peggie Wormington

Peggie WormingtonOne of Peggie Wormington’s heroes, Carl Sagan, said “We are all made of star stuff.”  As a teacher, Peggie is happiest and most satisfied when the star stuff in each of her students is revealed through their work.

She has been actively quilting for more than 40 years, experimenting with traditional, applique, modern, and paper pieced; both by machine and hand. She has taught classes in Color and Contrast, Basic Quilting, Paper Piecing, Applique, Machine Piecing and Speed techniques in quilt shops in Virginia and in Adult Education in Virginia and Alabama. It’s her happy day when she can add a new skill to her own quilting tool box then share that knowledge with others.

In each of her classes you will make a project and also learn new techniques that make your quilting more accurate, faster and more fun – giving you time to polish your own special star!