It’s time to be Bold and Beautiful…

Bold and BeautifulIn 2008 I had the opportunity to participate with Bernina of America at the first Long Beach International Quilt Festival at the Long Beach Convention Center. It was an exciting year in that this was the first time that Quilt Festival of Houston moved to open the west coast to a national show and it was the premier showing for Bernina’s 8-series machines!

Bernina brought out all the brass, from Mr. Uletchi, the owner of Bernina, to Gail Hillert, the head of Both Bernina International and Bernina USA educational staffs, to spotlight this amazing new landmark in sewing machine technology. The cameras flashed, the press duly reported, and it was possibly the biggest launch for a product like this ever.

Here we are, beginning 2013, with an even more amazing machine that has continued to evolve and grow. Over 50 million dollars in development and with 15 unique patents on all its bells and whistles, and the 830E is still wowing the world with amazing sewing and embroidery capabilities. Maybe now it’s time for you, the serious sewer, quilter, embroiderer, or all of the above to come to SewVac Ltd. and experience this state-of-the-art machine for yourself.

On February 21st we will be having two Bold and Beautiful events for 24 customers who want to sew a project on this machine. Led by Deb Cacciamani, Bernina’s Sewing and Embroidery Educator, these sewing enthusiasts will literally sew, appliqué, embroider, and really test-sew this 830 through its paces. By joining this group you will make a beautiful one-of-a-kind hand bag that will be embellished with all the unique designs and stitches that are unique to this machine’s abilities.

TeslaI’ve always thought about what it would be like to test drive a fine automobile. Interestingly one year I had the chance. I was at Houston Quilt Market, of all places, and during a break in the action, I wandered over to a very unique high-end mall near the downtown area. While there I happened into a Tesla store.

This store, for lack of a better word since the Tesla people assured me that they weren’t actually selling the car there, allowed me to go out in back of the center where they had a track set up to drive this incredible car. Able to go 500 miles on a charge, to actually drive this car from 0-to-60 in about 4 seconds was amazing! The experience really has made me consider purchasing a product like this; something that I wouldn’t have considered had I not had the opportunity to drive it.

Bernina 830ESo it is with the Bernina 830E. We’ll have a great time with a small group of participants trying out this amazing machine in a fun environment with a great instructor to guide us. Leni Herman and Pat Finke will also be there to see that everyone has a great time. And, just in case you might want to tempt yourself, we will have a special event price for the 830 with some amazing financing offering extended, no-interest payments. Overall, this is a great way to explore a passion for sewing that I know you all have. We’ll be charging $20 for this event. We’ll provide food and beverage, kits for the projects; all you have to bring is a smile and prepare to have fun! Two events (each one is the same) set to go with the first from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The second event will go from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00.p.m. on February 21. There will be $100 worth of goodies to be given away during and after this event.

Sign up soon as we’re limiting this to 12 in each class and we’d really like to sign up people who don’t own the 8-series machine. I promise all of you who already have this machine, that we’ll soon do something just for you! I just want those sewers who have yet to experience this next generation in sewing, a chance to test-drive the 830.

P.S. call us (562) 498-6684 to reserve your place while there are seats left