Invisible Zippers

The invisible zipper is one of the best kept secrets of sewing success. It’s a perfect choice for an unobtrusive garment fastening, but it is also a champ when it comes to home decor projects such as pillows and bolsters.

Installed Invisible Zipper

This zipper looks like a regular seam when sewn properly. The only thing you’ll see when finished is an elegant tear-drop shaped pull. You can even paint the little pull with a dab of finger nail polish to make it virtually invisible, too!

Invisible Zipper Seaming

Easier to install than a standard zipper, inserting this fastener is a breeze with the proper tool. Invisible Zipper Foot #35 has two angled channels on the bottom to guide the zipper teeth into the perfect position for a flawless installation.

Invisible Zipper Foot Tutorial

To help you learn more Bernina has an Accessory Spotlight, including a free PDF download here, and a free eBook titled Zipper Applications here. You can also learn how to sew an invisible zipper into a skirt with a waistband from our friends at We All Sew here.

February 2018 Accessory Special