How do I buy a vacuum that I know will work for me?

You need to first ask this question from a little different perspective. You should ask

How do I clean my floor coverings, my home, or my business in the most efficient and timely way possible?

The answer to that question starts with knowing what kind of surfaces that you want to clean.

  • Do you have wall to wall carpeting?
  • Do you have a combination of wall-to-wall and bare floor?
  • Do you have tile, hardwood floors, or concrete with area rugs?

All these different kinds of floors require a different tool to clean them effectively. Let’s start with one of the most common types of household environments today.

Today’s households in the U.S. are generally made up of a combination of bare floors and carpets. For the most part, wall to wall carpeting and bare floor share almost equal space in a majority of households. If this is the case with you then I would consider the following kind of vacuum cleaning system.

A Miele canister vacuum with an appropriate power head is most effective at cleaning low- to medium-height wall-to-wall carpeting while the bare floor or Parquet tool quickly handles debris pickup on tile, wood or composite floors; both available with this vacuum. Having both kinds of floor cleaning tools makes this vacuum much more efficient than having two completely separate vacuums that would be required to do the same job as effectively as the one Miele. Let me explain…

VacuumsAn upright vacuum was designed to basically clean carpets. With most uprights the brush roll and motor are housed within the same structure and work hand- in-hand to clean carpets. If set on a bare floor, the upright vacuum loses most of its effectiveness almost immediately causes dirt to be dispersed around the floor as much, or more so, than the amount of dirt it actually picks up. With its basic design application towards rug cleaning, the wheels and undercarriage of an upright can and will scrape or scratch the surface of many hard floor surfaces. I’ve seen the frustration first hand from the customer who has used an upright on a freshly restored wood floor and it’s sad, very sad!

I chose the Miele as the canister for this example for two distinct reasons. Miele designs at its core a very powerful canister vacuum with very high air flow. Air flow is what picks up the dirt and debris from the floor or rugs, and carries it to the bag in the vacuum for disposal. This core is also designed to keep the dirt inside of the bag once it’s picked up; not letting any dust or particulate escape from its sealed protective system of filters. It’s this core, the Miele canister itself, which enables quickly cleaned surfaces and protects the user and family members from any debris that could escape from the vacuum.

The second reason for picking the Miele is its highly designed cleaning tools; primarily the power tool and floor brush that I mentioned above. Immer Besser, Miele’s mission statement means Always Better! Miele continuously improves their tools to clean the various kinds of floor coverings more effectively while, at the same time, easier for the person operating the vacuum. With five differently designed power heads for the variety of available carpeted surfaces, the end user can get the perfectly functioning cleaning tool for their specific carpet. The Miele company offers four different floor brushes in the same way; making the right tool for the job you need to do. So the question once again is

Which are the right canister, power head, and floor tool for me?

That’s where we come in!

Miele is very careful to select dealers who have a great deal of experience in the vacuum industry. Most of us are, or have been, multi-brand dealers that have sold many company’s vacuums over the years and have had extensive training in what kind of vacuum will work best in most any situation. In fact, Miele has brought us into their mix of research in order to help find the best ways for you to use the correct blend of their tools to clean your home.

Help us to make your decision easier by understanding just what kind of floor coverings you have.

  • Is your carpet primarily synthetic, or is it a natural fiber like a wool Berber?
  • Is the carpet texture dense or loosely woven?
  • Do you have a small home or apartment?
  • Do you have a three bedroom house or an even larger area; what’s your square footage?
  • Also, how many people and pets live with you?

All this makes a difference and can help us to help you more. Do you have special needs? Make sure we know of any situation that is vital to your family’s health needs. Often times it’s best to take a picture of your actual carpet or bring in a sample for us to see. That way we can suggest the appropriate tool for the job with the end result being a thoroughly cleaned carpet and/or floor. We can also give you a good, better, or best scenario for the core or canister best suited for your job application.

We also can provide you with one more very important part of your vacuum decision: training.

Hardly anyone has ever had someone really show them how to vacuum! With proper training on how to use your new Miele and its tools, you will be amazed at how clean your home will become. And, with proper use, you’ll live in a much cleaner environment as well.