Hemmer Foot Fun

Narrow hems are a breeze; just feed the fabric through and the Bernina Hemmer Foot does all the work! Whip out shirt tail hems, napkin edges, weightless hems in sheer fabric, and much more. Along with a hemmer foot, the FHS (Freehand System) on your machine will be a big help, keeping your hands free to manage the fabric.

Hemmer Foot

Bernina offers 7 different hemmer feet, so you can find the right tool for any hemming task you have in mind. We’ve put together a simple list showing the main purpose for each of these feet, but you can find even more information here.

  • Hemmer Foot 61 – For fine fabrics, this 2mm hemmer is designed to use with a zig zag stitch.
  • Hemmer Foot 62 – For narrow, 2mm hems using a straight stitch.
  • Hemmer Foot 63 – Creates 3mm double-turned hems, using a zig zag stitch.
  • Hemmer Foot 64 – Designed to use with a straight stitch, this hemmer creates a 4mm wide hem.
  • Hemmer Foot 66 – Uses a zig zag stitch to form a 6mm hem.
  • Hemmer Foot 68 -This “roll and shell” hemmer creates a 2mm 3-dimensional hem in soft fabrics.
  • Hemmer Foot 69 – Specially designed for soft fabrics, such as tricot. This foot can be used with several different stitches.

To get started on the right foot (so to speak), download this tutorial for hemming a napkin.

This video has lots of helpful information, too: