Digital Dirt in the Corners

DirtWe play for hours with our Bernina V6 Software and we don’t think about the dirt collecting in the corners. Sometimes we have issues with the software and don’t realize the dirt is bogging us down. The whole time we are playing the software is collecting information by creating files with Auto Save. These files build up over time and take up disk space. This is our dirt in the corners.

We need to clean house once in a while.

To delete these files, first you need to exit Bernina embroidery software. Bernina software must be closed before deleting recovery or backup files or it will NOT delete these files.

  • Click the Start button and select All Programs > Bernina Embroidery Software > Delete Recovery Files.
  • Place a check mark in the Delete Backup Files if you want to delete them as well.
  • Click OK.

Cleaning Up

To make cleaning even easier, after selecting All Programs > Bernina Embroidery software > left click on Delete Recovery Files and drag it to your desktop area. Now you have a desktop icon to remind you to clean often. Just click on the icon and continue as above. It’s that easy!

Have fun playing with all the creative avenues you have with this wonderful software.