BU Day 2. Help! I’m in Bernina Jail because I misspelled president Paul’s name; it’s Ashworth, not Ashcroft!


But, if you only buy a small Bernina, they’ll let me out! Please visit Jody at the store – it’s all in her hands. They even took away my tin cup!

In the meantime, day two had us seeing all the latest features to be found on the new 880 Bernina, including a new screen and a programmable foot control! You pick the operation and tap the foot control: cut the threads, lower the foot, raise the foot, do your favorite thing without laying a hand on the machine!

Then, there were exciting new materials to be found in the merchant galleria!

And finally, Jennifer Gigas introduced the amazing V7 Bernina Software with 3-dimensional embroidery! Trapunto, felting, and stump work, with many new tools. More to come later.

Last minute update:

Free at last! Well, they’ve let me out on bail and I’m back in my room with a much better view. Remember, my ultimate freedom is in Jody’s hands. Visit her to help my cause! I just can’t go back on the inside.