Circle the Wagons, Partners!

Perfect circles are easy to achieve with the right tools. The Circular Embroidery Attachment #83 lets you embroider unusual and decorative circles or semicircles.

Accessory #83

The attachment is screwed to the free-arm. The center of rotation can be either to the right or left of the needle, with the attaching screw lying flat enough to allow the fabric to feed smoothly over it. A diameter of between 1- and 5¼-inches (2.5 and 13.5 cm) can be set on the slide. That means you can make perfect circles from 1½” to 10½” across!

Here are some techniques to make the best circles with this attachment:

  • Stabilize fabric using interfacing, stabilizer, and/or batting. The fabric needs to be firm to turn smoothly on the pin.
  • Make sure the fabric can turn easily without being inhibited by the side of the machine. Roll up the edges of the fabric and pin them if needed.
  • Use the same presser you would use if sewing the chosen stitch or technique in a straight line.
  • If the machine is not in a cabinet, use the slide-on table of the machine for support.

Bernina has a couple of documents that will help, too. Download the Bernina Tip Sheet and the Circle Sewing eBook.